Cade Westin Hobbick

artist, designer, urbanist, writer
b. 1972, Kansas
Residence and studio, New York City (Chelsea)

Education:  1988, Kansas State University (studied archaeology); 1990 – 1997, University of Kansas (studied architecture, philosophical aesthetics, environmental science, and French; two Bachelor of Arts diplomas, graduating with Honors; Master of Urban Planning, 1997).  Mentors: J. William Carswell, Donna Luckey, Janet Hamburg, J.Theodore Johnson, and Victor Papanek.

Employment: 1998 – Present, urban planner, environmental planning consultant (major civil infrastructure, urban redevelopment, neighborhood conservation). 2005 – 2011, partner, interior design and luxury home furnishings businesses.
Studios and Residences: 1990, moved to Lawrence, Kansas.  1996, lived in Cyprus.  1997, moved to New York.  2001 – 2011, Greenwich Village; 2011 - 2013, Murray Hill; 2013 – 2014, Brooklyn; 2014 – present, Chelsea. 2004 – 2014, studio in Woodstock, New York.  Artist mentors: Klara Tamas, New York City and Budapest; Russell Floersch, New York City.